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Dates are now confirmed for the Student Environment Days for 2014. 
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Tallangatta is the first venue for 2014.

Opportunities for Secondary School Sustainability Projects

Student Environment Days provide an enthusiastic audience for small secondary school groups to embark on a project which will give them experience to demonstrate skills and knowledge in many integrated areas.

Obviously the cross curricula area of Sustainability forms the topic area and could cover any of the organising ideas (Systems, World Views or Futures) depending on the area of interest of the student group.

The learning areas of Science and English dominate this project.  Geography may also be integrated depending on the topic chosen.

There are also many General Capabilities involved in this project including:


Critical & Reflective Thinking

Personal & Social Capability

Ethical Understanding

Using language to interact with others

Posing questions

Recognising personal qualities and achievements

Examining values

Delivering presentations

Identifying & Clarifying information

Developing reflective practices

Exploring rights and responsibilities


Organising and processing information

Developing self-discipline and goal setting

Considering points of view


Imagining possibilities and connecting ideas

Working independently and showing initiative



Considering alternatives

Becoming confident, resilient and adaptable



Seeking solutions and putting ideas into action

Contributing to civil society



Evaluating procedures and outcomes

Communicating effectively




Working Collaboratively




Making decisions




Negotiating and resolving conflict




Developing leadership skills



If you are interested in the possibility of pursuing this project at your school, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0357 229 232 or e-mail me at: seed@nevrwaste.vic.gov.au  to discuss it further. 

Plume Positive Project


ImageAs part of the Wangaratta Plume Positive project Wangaratta students and teachers have the opportunity to participate in a Waterwatch session on One Mile Creek, Wangaratta. Plume Positive is a project response to the 2011 Nuplex chemical plume in Wangaratta.

Have you ever wondered what’s below the water? The school sessions will offer students the skills to monitor water quality and sample macroinvertebrates and discuss the importance of protecting our waterways.

Sessions run for 1 hour and are restricted to a maximum of 25 students with limited spots available. If your schools is interested in attending a session at Wareena Park please contact Emma Nilsson at the North East Catchment Management Authority on 0427235861 or emma.nilsson@necma.vic.gov.au (Thursdays only)

Recycling Printer Cartridges

How do you recycle printer cartridges locally?   What happens to the recycled materials?
ImagePrinter cartridges are made up of a complex combination of plastics, metals, foam, ink and toner.  Throwing them into landfill represents a waste of resources and contributes to the growing problem of electronic waste. By recycling your cartridges you are helping to reduce this waste.If you have enough cartridges, you can organize a collection bag for your school through Planet Ark – when it is full, it is sent for recycling, to ‘Close the Loop’ as a free service through Australia Post.
Planet Ark’s website: http://cartridges.planetark.org/involvement/ shows what happens to the cartridges when recycled – and this website has a great downloadable pdf on the recycling process - what bits can be recycled and how. This website also allows you to find local places where you can take your printer cartridges to recycle.  For example, Dick Smiths in Wangaratta are a collection point – with one of the Planet Ark boxes - and are happy for any printer cartridges to be dropped off there.Most local retailers will collect your old cartridge when you buy a new one.

Testimonials about our Student Environment Days:


Comments after the Wangaratta Schools Environment Day
(August 2013)

  " I just wanted to send a quick email to write what a brilliant day! Our students thorougly enjoyed it and it was superbly organised. " 

Kate Edgar (Wangaratta Special Developmental School)

For a full report on the Wangaratta Day click here.
It is hoped that the next Student Environment Day will be held in Tallangatta (Towong Shire) - term one, 2014.

The SEED website:

The SEED website has been developed to allow teachers, students and environment staff to easily access a fantastic range of sustainability education resources. This information is presented in the topics of biodiversity, climate change, general sustainability, waste and water.

Our website is continually evolving so we encourage you to add this website to your favourites and visit us often. Your feedback helps ensure we are evolving in the right direction so please send through your comments.

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